Training with Inrol gives you the tools you need to perform well, in the simulations and in real-life.

Inrol Training


Before you can achieve results in simulation, it’s imperative to learn skills, why those tools work, what outcomes are desired, and helpful tips on where and how to apply them.


Inrol training consists of 5 modules:


1: Classroom training specific to your needs.


2: Habit change tools.


3: Situational Triage, and how to apply it for quick results in your situations.


4: Implementation of techniques using Skill drills; isolating skills in small examples.


5: Preparation for participating in the live Simulations.


picture of a simulated discussion course lecture Implementation definition Two groups shaking hands after closing deal.


Training with our seven step method gives you the tools you need to perform well, both in the simulations and in real life.



Conditioning ensures that your reactions are appropriate and consistent for the best result every time.



Live Simulations for results oriented practice in realistic conditions.




Implementation breaks down skills into manageable pieces, and solidifies the ‘where and when’ to use what works for you.



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