Our customized live simulations give you results focused practice in realistic conditions. We specialize in creating realistic, relevant simulations to meet your needs.

Live simulations allow you to test learned skills under realistic conditions. You get practical application over theory alone.

An important distinction is that it is not 'acting' or 'role playing', which can be uncomfortable for participants... with everyone 'pretending' for each other, and in front of each other.

In a live simulation we bring in professional simulators, you are in a room with only the simulator(s) and a camera, and it is as much like the real thing as possible. There is no pretending. This is you reacting to what would normally be a stressful situation with your best responses, and the new ones you hope to embed. Improve by direct realistic practice, and learn more from the video about what needs to improve.

"Even practicing under mild levels of stress can prevent you from choking when high levels of stress come along"

Choke, Sian Beilock pg 34


The Inrol 5 part Success through Simulation formula

We provide:

  1. Three video recorded simulation scenarios to put acquired skills to practice for each participant.
  2. Self assessment and reflection questionnaires.
  3. Preparation for each simulation.
  4. One on one peer review for assessment and coaching.
  5. Moderated group discussion and feedback.
picture of a simulated discussion course lecture Implementation definition Two groups shaking hands after closing deal.


Training with our seven step method gives you the tools you need to perform well, both in the simulations and in real life.



Conditioning ensures that your reactions are appropriate and consistent for the best result every time.



Live Simulations for results oriented practice in realistic conditions.




Implementation breaks down skills into manageable pieces, and solidifies the ‘where and when’ to use what works for you.



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