Leadership  Training: Conversations That Matter

There are many great tools for management and leaders today, SCRUM, Agile, Six Sigma... etc. But those tools can only be as effective as the leaders communication skills.


Our leadership training focuses specifically on communication best practices and skills, and provides the practice needed for success in keeping your teams moving in the right direction.


Values Based Leadership: Communicate vision, explore strategy and explain policy through values to create buy-in and commitment to shared goals.


Accountability: The linchpin of success in any organization is having people who are accountable for what they do and say, but the leaders in your management teams need to be able to have real conversations about expectations and hold your teams accountable to agreements and duties. This can easily go wrong when not handled well, both from outlining expectations, and the conversations which arise when things have been mis-handled.  Being able to properly navigate these difficult interactions keeps you away from dysfunctional passive aggressive or tyrannical tactics.


Culture is the leader: Lip-service is given to 'company culture' all the time, but culture cannot be created by policy. Culture is a reflection of the people within it and especially whomever is in charge. Leaders will create the company culture, and they will either do this consciously or unconsciously, learn how to take the steps necessary to create a winning environment.


We offer this course in a one day or three day intensive workshop. As opposed to our other courses which can offer a 'classroom only/no simulation' version, this one is only offered with three separate live simulations to ensure that practice follows instruction for repeatable results.










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