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Lead at Your Best

This two day workshop deals with the skills needed to be a good leader while facing the problems leaders often face. Learn how to inspire others to perform their best work, and build teams that go the extra mile. The simulations present our leader with high stakes situations so they can demonstrate and practice the skills learned in the course. The simulators provide feedback for the participant to truly understand how they are perceived by others, and how they can best reach objectives.


Get the Job

A resume and interview skills building workshop with several interview simulations to make sure that you are prepared for the questions and are presenting yourself well to future employers. Get the job you want by presenting yourself well.


Get the Job New Canadian

Specifically designed with new Canadians in mind, this resume and interview skill building course aims to help new Canadians be aware of cultural norms and expectations in interview situations. Show Canadian employers that your skills and experience are a match for their team, by practicing within our simulations.


 Dealing with Difficult People

We all know them, and may work for, with, or have them working for us. Sometimes, (when we can admit it) we are the difficult person in the room. Find out how to bring out the best in these people and navigate uncomfortable behaviours to get to the desired outcomes and goals you both share. Several simulations will put your new skills to the test and have you ready for your next encounter.


High Stakes Communication

When there is a lot on the line between two parties, the ones who will come out ahead have several skills.

-They can assertively and intelligently express themselves,

-They ask for what they want while giving where they can,

-They look for win/win solutions,

-They forge and preserve relationships.

Unfortunately in the heat of some situations much of this can go out the window. Practice in our simulations the 'soft' skills you need for hard situations.




Starting in March 2018 we will be offering our individual courses again! If you want to be notified send us your e-mail here.

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